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Multiplayer Grid ( Gin ) is a popular and brand new two player game based on the hit UK based TV show game. Identical to the show, players take turns in choosing squares on the grid which increase or decrease their cash balance. The player who finishes with most cash wins the game.
The object of the game is to get all of the cards in the 4 suit piles on the upper right. You must lay a card on a "row" pile in descending order with the opposite colour. A King can be moved onto an empty column. The suit piles start with an Ace and go up to the King.

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Skillgammon Skill Game




Skillgammon Game Object


It's a skill-based version of one of oldest and best-loved games in the world. Choose from up to five different dice rolls as you strategize your way to victory. The main Object of the game is to remove your red pieces from the board before your computer-controlled opponent removes the white pieces.


Game Rules


Skillgammon is a more strategic, skill-oriented version of backgammon. You will be playing red, and a computer-controlled opponent will be playing white. Instead of rolling dice, you will be selecting from up to five different possible dice rolls.

At the beginning of your turn, chose one of the dice rolls displayed in the "Available Rolls" box.

When there is only one roll left in this box, five more rolls will appear in the "Coming Next" box. After that final roll is used, these five rolls will move into the "Available Rolls" box and become available to you and the computer-controlled player.


Game Scoring


Scoring is based on three things: pips, bearing off, and time. The game starts with 1000 points by default : Then ---

Whenever you reduce your pips, your score is increased by that amount.
Whenever your opponent's pips decreases, your score is decreased by that amount.
Whenever you bear off a piece, your score goes up by 25 points.
Whenever your opponent bears off a piece, your score goes down by 25 points.
At the end of the game, you receive a time bonus based on the following formula:

Time Bonus = ( Time Remaining * 800 ) / Time Limit


Game Strategy


Try to form as many blocks as possible. This will limit your opponent's choices. The most valuable place to form blocks are in your home court.

Avoid leaving blots (single vulnerable pieces), especially the closer they get to your home court, where being knocked off will lose you a lot of pips.

Look ahead to the other available rolls. Sometimes you can make moves which would be too risky in regular backgammon, but which are safe in Skillgammon because no upcoming roll will result in your being knocked to the bar.

If you find yourself well behind, try to keep pieces in your opponent's home court as long as possible, in order to keep open as long as possible the possibility of knocking your opponent's pieces to the bar.


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