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Multiplayer Grid ( Gin ) is a popular and brand new two player game based on the hit UK based TV show game. Identical to the show, players take turns in choosing squares on the grid which increase or decrease their cash balance. The player who finishes with most cash wins the game.
The object of the game is to get all of the cards in the 4 suit piles on the upper right. You must lay a card on a "row" pile in descending order with the opposite colour. A King can be moved onto an empty column. The suit piles start with an Ace and go up to the King.

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Ball Breakers 9 ball Skill Game


Ball Breakers 9 ball


Ball Breakers 9 ball Rules and procedures


Nine-Ball is a variation of Pocket Billiards. The game may be played in social and recreational settings by any number of players. Nine ball is a relatively fast-paced game and is rarely played by the rack

The game is played on a pocket billiard table with six pockets and with ten balls.The cue ball is struck to hit one or more of the other nine balls, each of which is distinctly colored and numbered "1" through "9". The goal of the game is to pocket the nine ball in a legal manner as per the predefined rules of the games.In nine ball, on all shots, a player must cause the cue ball to contact the lowest numerical ball on the table first before the cue ball strikes any other ball, otherwise it is considered as a foul.


But, any ball can be made during the game as long as the lowest ball is contacted in the starting.Players alternate innings at the table, meaning play continues by one player until he or she misses, commits a foul or pockets the nine ball for the win.

In this game the object balls are placed in the diamond shape and 1 ball is positioned in the front which is the lowest. The placement of the remaining balls is generally considered to be random. In league and tournament play this placement of the balls is expected to be precise; if any ball in the rack does not touch each adjacent ball, or if the rack is not "straight", or if the 1 ball is not resting precisely on the foot spot, the player may demand re-rack.


The Break

One person is choosen to break first, & for that the coin is tossed up to decide the first player. If the assigned player fails to make a legal break, the rack is re-arranged and the opposite player may demand the break.

The push out

For much of its history nine ball rules allowed participants to "push out" multiple times during a game, meaning any player could call a "push out", and then hit the cue ball to any area on the table without being penalized by normal foul rules. This manner of playing nine ball is considered "two-foul." However, once a push out was called and executed, the incoming player had the right to shoot or give the inning back to the opponent. If the player shooting the resulting shot fouled, the other player would have "ball in hand". But very soon, the "push Out" variant was ruled out of the Game and this change profoundly affected the way the game was played. Then the new Push out Rule was added and was named as "Texas Express" rules,because of the supposed state of origin and the speeding up of the game.Today, Texas Express push out rules dominate the way nine ball is played and is the variant incorporated into the official rules maintained

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